Swimming with dragons

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Perfect shutter speed I think and I like the color palette. I think I would crop quite a bit from the bottom and maybe even a little from the top. Top crop I don’t think is as important as bottom one. Also I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at. A sea stack ? A partially submerged tree trunk?

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Very cool! What an terrific perspective, point of view, etc.; you’re literally right there in the water and bringing the viewer right in there with you. Excellent and unique perspective - kudos.

I too was thinking of a crop, but NOT the bottom. The translucence of the water, the patterns of the water and the lead in all work so beautifully. If anything, I’d crop some off the top; if anything because I have a thing against the tall digital format. for me, it’s all about the water, the perspective and then the lead in to the outcropping and the pink in the sky.



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Upon further reflection I agree with @Lon_Overacker about the crop. I think I was distracted about the OOF elements.

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I’d be interested in hearing how you kept your lens and camera dry :grinning:

This is a pretty unique point of view for a seascape image, kudos on getting very creative here. Overall the processing looks very good too, good use of color in the water and sky. I’m with @Lon_Overacker, crop the top and not the bottom. If you crop it so there is just the pink part of the sky left, I think it makes the “dragon” look more imposing because it is not competing any more with the bright clouds above the pink.

A minor nitpick, but I would clone away the small dark object on the beach, it’s an eye magnet that keeps pulling my eye away from the dragon. But overall this is very nice image, well done !!!

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Very unique perspective, and really well done. I agree with the suggestion to crop from the top, but I’d experiment with various options to see which works the best. I agree with Ed’s clone suggestion, too. I like the drama in this very much.

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Really cool image. I love the patterns in the water. I concur on a crop off the top (down to where it is primarily pink). I might be inclined to do some work on the fg water (reduce clarity or reduce sharpening? increase noise reduction–not for noise but to smooth out the texture). Some creative cloning there might work to. It’s wonderful as presented, but improving the abstract quality of that water would bring this up several notches.

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Thank you all very much for your critiques.
Just to give you a bit of back story, this a unique seastack that we have here. It can only be shot during lowtides and it’s most commonly shot at it’s lowest. Looking at this with fresh eyes I completely agree that it should be cropped off from the top.
Also, as most you mentioned that black rock on the beach, even though this too is a very iconic stack (known as lizard head rock) is distracting.
Thank you again and I’ll be sure to apply these suggestions to my final image.

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Looks like a dragon to me! I like Lon’s crop suggestion as well. Water looks great and should be emphasized.


Definitely looks like some creature coming out of the sea. Godzilla’s nephew.

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Great perspective. Perfect shutter speed for the water action. Were you in the water? My only nit is the out of focus spray in the foreground.

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Yes, in about knee deep. Can be very intimidating when U get a rogue wave thatsl comes higher.

this is what it looks like at complete low tide. (Raw file).