Lon and I had a good time taking shots in the late afternoon at various places along Deadman Creek a couple of weeks ago.

I liked swish (swoosh?) of water over these rocks. I had to use a darks TK mask to tame those very dark areas, and I think it worked without looking forced.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200
Cropped some from the left side.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :smile:

Wow Preston, this is Brilliant! Not only visually brilliant, the crystal clear sparkling water, the color, contrast and just about a perfect shutter speed to pull this all together… but also just simply brilliant, exceptional image.

I can’t leave though without letting you know I spotted a few pesky little dust bunnies. A few in the water in the UL area. Only someone picky like me would ever spot them and frankly no one probably cares… but when you print this (and I think you should…) then you might want to clone out those little buggers…

Absolutely love this image. You came home with some killer images!


Real nice small scene of the water and rock. I played with a crop, but prefer it as presented. No suggestions here.

This is a lovely intimate scene of the cascades, Preston. The SS is perfect and has created some wonderful details in the water. I also like the highlights in the water as they are a nice touch. Looks like you and Lon had a productive camping trip.

Thanks for your comments, gents!

@Harley_Goldman Just curious, Mr. H, but what in the image prompted you to try a crop?

I initially felt the rock was too dominant, but after trying a crop, decided I was perfectly fine with it.

Thanks, sir. Your observation about the rock echoes my thought, which is why I cropped a chunk of it during processing.

Very nice small view Preston. I love the little details.

Hey Preston,

Great photo. Very dynamic and the shutter speed was perfect to reflect that dynamic nature of the water. I also actually like the stability that the rock provides to the whole image and adds to the dynamic nature of the water by contrasting it with solid fixed non-motion.