Tahoe pano 1

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This is a wonderful scene for a panoramic, there are interesting things to see across the entire span of the image. I think the composition is very nicely done, and well balanced. Having these clouds nicely fills in a lot of what otherwise would be a lot of negative space, so you had good fortune in that regard. Processing (exposure, color, contrast) look pretty good too.

While I think the image is very well done, I would suggest a couple small tweaks. There are 2 small pine branches suspended in mid-air along the left frame edge, and I would clone them away. The top of the pine tree on the right feels like it could use a tiny bit more breathing room above it. Maybe you have it in your brackets. Or if not and your ethics allow for it, you could do add canvas and content aware fill in PS to create a little space above, it would probably work okay.

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Excellent suggestions, Ed. I had realized that the pine tree on the right was too tightly bounded, and I should have shot with a little more room there - moved back a few yards. On second thought, that probably wouldn’t have worked as it would have cut off part of the view on the left. I think I could have opened my 16-35 mm a little wider and gotten the space needed - will check. But I will clone out the branches on the lef and try to do a long content aware fill all along the top - will be interesting to see how that turns out. Thank you.

With skies CAF usually works pretty well. Add like 3% to 4% canvas at the top, use the rectangular marquee tool to select the blank canvas (plus a slight overlap with the sky), and let it fly. You may have to do a little manual cloning right above the tree if CAF adds some artifacts.