Take Another Look

I have been going through images from my Moab off road trip/workshop (winter seems to do that). I thought I had worked on all that I thought had promise. Interesting how going back a few months later, my perception of some of the images changed. So I worked on this one which I initially thought had a chaotic composition but now I see the foreground complimenting and leading me to the butte. I went off by myself to look for scenes like this. One thing I learned is, although I learned alot at this workshop, you need to get away from the small group to find your own vision.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any welcome. Is this foreground chaotic or complimentary to this scene?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
174mm f/8 1/8sec iso 100, focus stacked 6 images

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Oh, this isn’t chaotic at all. The bushes lead us into the frame, then the stratigraphy leads us back to the left, then we move up to the pink cloud. Feels well arranged to me. The colors are wonderful - not overdone, but still quite rich.

I also think the foreground works. Nice contrasting warm/cool colors throughout the image.