Tall Grass and Aspens

Here’s one from my archive. I always liked the tall, fall-dry grasses, autumn leaves, and twisty aspens.

This was originally made in 2008, but recently tweaked a bit.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :smile:

Tachihara 4x5
Nikkor-M, 300mm
Astia 100-F
1800 dpi scan Microtek 1800f
PSCC and TK’s Masks

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Good old large format, much time I did not see it in NPN…
I like this image a lot. I like the way the Aspens emerge from the tall grass, I like the colors, and the very balanced and classic composition. Splendid.

A real nice classic fall Sierra scene. And it doesn’t look like Astia! :slight_smile: Works for me.

Preston, wow, this one is an oldie but goodie. One thing I really liked about Astia was how it treated the greens and yellows. Definitely has that LF fine detail too. Very nice work here…:+1:

A nice window into simplicity Preston. This is a great study of yellow.

Very beautifully arranged elements. Hard not to enjoy aspen in golden grasses!
On my monitor the trunks look a touch magenta. I think getting the white balance dead neutral on the white trunks would make them stand out more cleaner. I might also burn down the brightness in the grasses just a touch.


Gorgeous intimate autumn scenic. Fantastic colors and I love the details throughout. Great job with this one. If I’m not mistaken this was captured during one of our East side photo trips.

I wouldn’t have noticed if Dave hadn’t said anything, but indeed I believe there is a bit of magenta in the trunk. Took this in to PS to be sure. A simple Hue/Sat adj layer and lowering the magenta clears it right up. Otherwise this is quite crisp and clean. Well done sir!


The large format captured some amazing details in the autumn grasses and aspens, Preston. I am thoroughly enjoying the warm tones in this lovely scene. My only suggestion; just my personal preference; would be a little crop from the left to get rid of the dark area in the BG. Not a biggie because this is outstanding as is.

Just beautiful, Preston ! Love the detail throughout and the lovely balance of hues.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I’ll take a look at your suggestions.

WoW! Absolutely gorgeous, Preston!