Tenaya Lake Sunset

Hi Everyone, This is a shot I took back in August of a sunset on Tenaya Lake in Yosemite. I am a big fan of reflections since I am from a coastal area with consistent wind where we rarely get any mirror reflections. I had walked around the lake 3 hours prior to the sunset looking for a good comp and decided on this one as the clouds started to turn a nice shade of pink. The sun actually set behind me but I didn’t like the compositions from the other side of the lake so I decided to wait to see if some clouds would move in this way.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any, specifically post processing is the sky too magenta?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I was pretty happy with the composition but I will take any feedback.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 5d Mark 3 16-35 F4 @ 35
30s, F/4, ISO 400 Blended using a 6s exposure to keep more detail in the clouds

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

David, very nice work! For me I think there is a little to much magenta.

I agree there’s a little too much magenta.

I’d try warming up the high lights to see if some colour separation works.

If you cropped the image I’d give a touch more space above the mountains. A bit more sky.

The reflections and the zig zag lines look great

hi david,
i’ll be frank: i have a huge problem with the log touching the background shoreline. the only way to make this comp work for me would be from a higher vantage point (then it would actually be a KILLER-comp!). maybe also a step to the left, to center the log horizontally.
colours look good to my eyes, the clouds on the left are a bit flat (could be natural, could be a processing artefact).

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Real nice composition and light. I agree with the magenta suggestions and I might do a slight CCW rotation to get the shoreline level. Fine take from Yosemite.

@Alan_Kreyger Thank you Alan, I agree I think I had a bit too much magenta so I toned it down a bit

@Nathan_Klein Unfortunately I didn’t crop it so that’s as much sky as I have. I agree it could use a bit more at the time I was just focused on getting what few clouds were in the sky into the frame.

@Joerg_Bonner Now that you mention the log touching the shoreline I wish I had kept my tripod up a little higher so the log doesn’t intrude into the shoreline. I looked back at my shots and all of them with the log were taken at that same low angle so this will be a lesson for next time.

@Harley_Goldman Doh, Can’t believe I didn’t level the shoreline thank you for pointing that out.

I edited it to try to tone down the magenta, put a bit more detail into the clouds on the left side and level the shoreline.