That Hungry Look

I was photographing 3 coyotes during a snowstorm in Yellowstone National Park. There was an old elk carcass and this guy and the sidekicks were scrounging for scraps. This coyote had his butt toward for quite some time when the body began to turn and with the blowing wind, the snow, and the actions of this animal I was caught up in the moment.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything would be appreciated!!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon EOS 1D X Mark III
ISO 1000


Darn coyotes just won’t take direction will they? I like the action here and the over-the-shoulder pose even if I do wish it wasn’t so far to the left. And I’m distracted by those shapes to the right. I can’t quite make them out and trying takes my eyes off the coyote. Maybe a vertical crop to eliminate them would make it a stronger image. The snow just adds to the overall atmosphere of survival at any cost. I think some more contrast would be a help as well. I’m not fussed about the OOF branches as I think they add to the atmosphere and environment. Nice catch!

Like the looking back pose, quite dynamic and snow is adding so much to the environment here.