The Blues


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Image Description

An abandoned building deteriorates at the base of the Upper Blue Hills near Hanksville, Utah. “The blues” stems from the 17th-century English expression, “the blue devils,” which described the intense visual hallucinations of delirium tremens—the trembling and psychosis associated with alcohol withdrawal. This was later shortened to “the blues,” which described states of depression and upset—people and places that are empty and in bad condition—and it was later adopted as the name for melancholic songs.
Moving to the right and left, closer and farther away, allowed me to position the building at this spot, with the prominent ridges of the butte in the background visually emanating from it.

Technical Details

Canon EOS 5D II; Canon EF 28-70mm @ 40mm; f/8 @ 1/25 sec, ISO 100; Gitzo tripod, RRS BH 55; remote trigger

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A beautiful composition, Bob. I love the eroded sandstone bluff and that super-dramatic sky. The dilapidated old building makes a wonderful foreground element. You title made me think of the Blue Mountains in Oregon/Washington which I don’t associate with this kind of topography, but Utah makes a lot more sense. I do wish that cloud on the left didn’t intersect the edge-form some reason it really pops out at me.

Thank you @Dennis_Plank for your comments. Everyone in photography is taught to perform “border patrol” before activating the shutter and in post processing. I’m sure I could eliminate the offending portion of cloud. No reason to distract the viewer.