The bridge

The bridge brings me
village and horizon
to live there

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?All feedback is more than welcome

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Another very lovely image. As usual the colour palette is carefully subdued - speaking in a gentle tone rather than shouting. But what I love most about this particular image is the relationship between the diagonal of the white flowers and the that of the bridge - the way those two diagonals play off against one another adds a nice bit of drama to an otherwise sleepy scene.

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I agree with @Kerry_Gordon this is a a very interesting composition with the way you arranged the diagonal lines. It creates a series of wedges and triangle shapes that add a lot of visual interest. Overall I think the processing looks good, you really captured some vibrant color in the meadow. The sky also looks very dramatic, this nicely captures the stormy weather of summer. My only tweak would be to slightly dodge the church, since that is where the diagonals lead us.

As @Kerry_Gordon and @Ed_McGuirk have already mentioned the diagonals with the bridge and the white flowers make for two wonderful elements of visual interest. I also love your processing here along with that drama laden sky. My only suggestion would be the same as @Ed_McGuirk and lighten the church a steeple a little as that is where the viewer is directed. Beautiful image!

@Kerry_Gordon, @Ed_McGuirk, @Ed_Lowe,I have to thank you all this time a bit extra. This was a stack of 2 images. While following your advice for dodging a bit. I had to discover that this image isn’t aligned very good . So, your comment learned me to be far more critical.

I did this remake because the first image is not good aligned .And on advice of Kerry Gordon, Ed McGuirk and Ed Lowe I did lighten the church a bit. I now used a single image instead of the stack.

Ben, You’ve got my mind wondering about where this bridge leads and what it’s used for. I love the mystery about it. Of course the leading lines pointing towards the church in the background are also great. The foreground flowers on the right add a bit of weight while also breaking up the monotony of the green grasses. Nicely composed ad edited Ben!