The climb


This little baby ran to a tree and then went up it. I was pleased to have caught this moment, though I do wish he had put his head on the other side of the branch ! :roll_eyes:

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

Nice image, and easy clone to remove the stick from the face up to the leaf. I like the body position and in focus leaves, the look to heaven, and arms that could hug world.
TY for post.

Hi Steve, thanks for your appreciation and suggestion. I’m one of those purists, however… no cloning for me, I’m afraid. But it’s OK, I’m still quite happy with the image as is.

Whoa, very well captured. I see a little bit of color noise remaining on the fur but this is a very difficult shot to pull off with that kind of foliage and dark hair. The stick on the face is a little unfortunate but it’s not a big deal for me.

Just love the composition and precise placement in the frame!
Great body language and the stare (look to heaven as StevenM mentioned).

Thanks all for your comments!