The Eye

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This photo was taken in the Canadian Rockies outside of Banff. I took it from a boat. The snow on the side of the mountain made it seem like a giant eye looking down on the scene.

Specific Feedback

I’m interested in general reactions. But I also have some specific concerns: The fog in the ULC was really bright and a little blown out. I found it distracting, so I adjusted it to make it less bright and bring out detail. But I’m not sure it quite works.

I used a squarish crop, but I’ve gone back and forth between that and showing more of the mountain on the right side.

I also did a small amount of toning. I made the highlights a little blue and the shadows slightly red/brown. Does that work, or would a completely neutral rendering be better?

Technical Details

Taken at 45 mm and f/4.

I processed it in LR. I began with black and white conversion, then cropped a bit. I did some global exposure and contrast adjustments. Then I did some local adjustments, making the snow a bit brighter and toning down the fog in the ULC.

Will, this is a very cool image. I love the composition/crop and would not want more on the right as I think it would be distracting from the whole scene. You could tone down the upper left corner, but it doesn’t distract as is, mainly because it blends well with the snow.

A real winner of an image in my opinion.

I like it, too. Rather feels like an avalanche (comin’ down the mountain. And if you can spot that lyric, my hat is off to you).

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What an interesting image. The ULC doesn’t bother me, either. The “eye” has enough contrast to keep the viewer coming back to that part of the image. Interesting choice with toning, different than the typical blue shadows and yellow/orange highlights. I think it works for this image.

Really Nice !!! works great in Black and White

I don’t always use toning, or in this case split toning, for monochrome. When I do, if the highlights are snow I generally use a blue tone to get that cold feeling.

I really like this image, Will! I find the scene very interesting and I’ve spent a good several minutes looking at it and taking it all in. You’re processing also is very well done and compliments the scene perfectly. All in all, a truly wonderful image!

Will, the tortured land area in the top center is amazing. I think you’ve handled the clouds in the ulc well. The foreground sets the stage well by providing size information with the water and shoreline. It would be a very different photo, but did you (or were you able to) zoom in on the tortured area


I don’t have any other shots of exactly that area. I took the photos from a boat, which was great for getting a unique vantage point. but, as is often true with boats, it kept moving. I had to grab opportunities as they came up