The Fractured Citadel

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


In this corner of the world, where land meets the endless blue, the cliffs rise up like the walls of a great, old stronghold, now softened by time and the relentless sea. These stone battlements, cracked and worn, stand as a testament to the ages, a once unyielding force now yielding to the patient artistry of wind and wave.

Specific Feedback

Any constructive feedback welcome

Technical Details

18 mm at ISO 125 and 1⁄400sec at ƒ/11

Don, this is so your style. I can only love it. Maybe you should place your name somewhere in a corner is the only comment I can think of.

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Good idea Ben! Its been there for so long I dont even see it any more!! I’ll change the alignment and drop it down the bottom somewhere. Thanks for the feedback. :+1:

Yet another in a series of eye-catching photos! And I agree about the watermark.

Thanks Ronald, very happy to hear they caught your eye. Working on the watermark. :pray: