The Japanese Magnolia Four Days Later

2021-02-19-17.29.34 ZS PMax-Edit

I went back to the same group I posted several days ago, and found the buds hadn’t changed much, but this time I decided to include two more. Another focus stack, with slight air movement causing a few edge artifacts that I cloned out. The BG got a good dose of partial opacity cloning. I also shot a closer view that I haven’t processed yet – I’m hoping it didn’t have much movement.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, Canon 100mm macro at f/4, ISO 160, 1/160 sec. 7 shots processed in Zerene Stacker. Lots of partial opacity cloning on the BG.

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I think this is my favorite of the series. I have no idea what partial opacity cloning is but it works quite well here. No nits from me. Looks really good.

Hi Diane,

The pastel color scheme works well for this scene. The stacking looks good and I like this one as presented…Jim

Gorgeous series you are working with here, Diane. Your stacking technique is amazing. I like how you have handled the OOF background. Looking for to the closer views.

@Diane_Miller, a wonderful image. I might darken or do something to that oof pink area behind. What exactly is partial opacity cloning?

Thanks everyone! @Harley_Goldman and @Ronald_Murphy, partial opacity cloning is setting the cloning “brush” to less than 100% opacity. It lets you partially obscure things – often a good way to lighten a dark blob or darken a bright spot in a BG. It’s often necessary to protect some of the subject by selecting it and then inversing the selection.

I use the same technique to add hints of texture, etc to blown out areas. Usually at 8 to 15% opacity. It cleans up the blowouts nicely.

Diane: Beautifully presented again. I really appreciate when someone works a subject so thoroughly and doesn’t just post random stand alone images. You may tempt me to try stacking :wink:. Marvelous work. >=))>

Five flowers with excellent stacking made a gorgeous image. This is perfect as it is. I’m really looking forward to seeing the next shot when these buds will come out.

Excellent image! stacking looks great. I like the velvety golden colored sepals on the buds. I like the subtle hints of background objects. Very well done overall to produce a great image. Magnolias are still 2 months away where I live. Winds of spring always make it a difficult subject to photograph and stack.

Thanks all! Spring wind has hit here now, and the next clouds may not be till August when coastal fog rolls in. My next visit was a disappointment – calm air, but even before sunrise the light was nothing like a cloudy day. I’ll post what can do with it in a few days.

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Another striking presentation. The magnolia trees flowers are prone to being damaged by rain, snow, cold. You’ve been very lucky to have such a long timeframe to photograph this beautiful tree. Great series.

Thi magnolia portrait is also very beautiful. The strikes you add to the images give them a finished touch.