The Last Chapter

Description: When the Tamarack trees turn golden, we know fall is nearly over. This tree, on a small pond near Adamant, Vermont, shines against the muted forest and complements the sky blue water of the pond.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any and all

Pertinent technical details or techniques: a single image, Pentax, 1/500@f6.7, adjusted for brightness, contrast and cropping.

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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Wow that us indeed some sky blue water. Nice!

Thanks, David. Yes, without a way to measure actual color, it is always best guess (or auto!). A friend once said he was asked “Is the grass really that green in Ireland,” and he toned it down a bit. As I remember, this truly was the blue I saw. Did you find it so blue it was off-putting? I don’t want that to be THE thing people remember.

Hi John, While I think the blue is a tad too much, that’s probably because I wasn’t there. And it’s not the only thing I noticed and appreciated about the image. The one golden tree amongst the “skeletons” really calls out for the end of fall. An enjoyable image on all fronts sir.

John, the golden Tamarack stands out very well. The bits of color in the shrubs and grasses complement the rest of the scene well. I too am struck by the blue saturation in the water. BTW, the camera does not always get the colors right. In fact, Adobe software often adds extra saturation, especially as you darken colors.

Added later: Having just gone through some of my own fall views, I found a number with water colors almost as strong as those here. Thus, the way the water stands out may be more in relation to the grasses behind it, more so that it’s absolute saturation.

The blue is lovely and doesn’t seem unrealistic, but for me it pulls my eye away from the gorgeous trees, and the watery setting doesn’t tell a story about the trees. For this particular image I would crop it out and let the grasses provide a nice base.

I also think the water is distracting. It may represent what you actually saw, but that doesn’t always mean it makes for a good photo. I agree with Diane, I would crop it out.

Thanks to you all. I have tried it without water and TOTALLY agree with you. I love watching myself having to get untangled from what I think looks great!

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The repost is excellent, John. Nice!