The New Sunsets

With cities fast expanding, the usual sunsets over a mountain or at the horizons seems to be vanishing. May be i have to travel a few hundred miles to see a natural sunset.

Balan Vinod

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Terrific sunset image Balan. Very effective juxtaposition between the buildings and the awesome sunset sky. Interesting that there aren’t more lights on - and given that, I would clone out the lone light on the left. no biggie.

This works quite well for me. Great sight to have witnessed.


Really nice sunset and those are a LOT of apartments (I assume). I would agree with @Lon_Overacker about cloning out the one light, but extremely minor. Heck of an impactful cityscape.

Very interesting. The image is beautiful, the contrast between sky and what is below it is fascinating. You do not provide interpretation, just evidence, it is up to the viewer to ponder and make statements…

Speaking of the lone light: I have mixed feelings. On one side yes, it is just one and could be removed, on the other hand… It is a point of the image, adding to it… and make me think of (given also the times we live in)… “I am legend”… Oh my.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Lon …I just wanted to convey that we are all stuck up at home …in these kinds of apartments.
Or I wanted to convey that the most beautiful sunsets come with a slice of concrete

Thanks Harley. It was unusual for me to compose something like that using concrete in the composition. But the sunset was too inviting

Thanks Anto. As you said. It’s for the viewer to interpret. Thanks again