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Woke up this morning planning on heading out into the hills today to shoot some landscapes except my knee I injured in the weekend got the better of me as I was walking up my steps from my house. Decided to give it some rest and reschedule for another day.

But I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from shooting!
As I was walking back down my stairs I noticed the way the light was illuminating a cluster of leaves from behind and feeling inspired after seeing a bunch of cool macro shots over the weekend, I decided I would give it a shot.
It’s bloody hard shooting with extension tubes on a fly by wire lens with fully electronic aperture. Having to disconnect the tubes and reconnect the lens to set focus and aperture then reconnect the tubes just to preview the frame is quite the mission.

Anyway, first proper go at macro since I started photography really, Open to any and all feedback.

85mm (with extension tubes)
iso 100

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Michael, first of all, I am sorry that you injured your knee, and hope and pray that heals nicely with no lasting affects. I do want to say that I am enjoying this image. Wonderful lines and shapes, great composition, and, the water drops are icing on the cake. Macro is a whole other world to shoot in, and I just love it. Things we can’t see with our eyes just looking at it, when we just macro lenses or extension tubes, and then bring the results up on a large screen, we stand amazed. The lighting on this is would drew you, and I can see why. So glad you decided to put the effort (and, yes, it can be effort to get some of those close shots of tiny things), into this one. Hope to see many more of your macro shots as well as any other category. :+1::+1:

Hi Michael, I think this is a fine image. nicely composed with the hub of the veins placed just right in the frame. Interesting to see the patterns of the veins in the leaf and the water drops add a lot. Nice one…

@Shirley_Freeman Thanks Shirley, appreciate the comments. My knee is much better now :slight_smile:
@Allen_Sparks Thanks Allen, yeah I found the segments and patterns created by the veins super interesting.