Morning Dew

When taking a morning walk around my yard after a rainstorm, I saw many spider webs filled with dew. I shot this with my tamaron macro lens to see all the details of the web.

ISO - 100

This and any other photos of mine can be reposted on the NPN account. My username is @harrisonmaronde. Thanks and happy shooting (:

Harrison, the arc of nicely sharp drops on the web look very good. In fact, I think that cropping the out of focus drops on the right would look good. Having more in focus drops spread throughout the frame helps the viewing. That would need an f-stop higher than 3.5. I often work at f/16 or higher, but that means no wind and often a tripod.

Harrison, thank you for sharing. I do like those in-focus droplets. I agree with Mark, a higher f-stop number would have probably yielded more of them. I see too that you had an ISO of only 100, so you had some room to work there to still get the right exposure, depending on how much you can eek out of your camera before too much noise. But Mark brought out “no wind and often a tripod” and he is right on that, for macro shots like this. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. This site sure has helped me through the critiques to grow in my photography, and still growing.

Harrison: Welcome to NPN. I hope you will find this community to be a good resource for learning and sharing your images. Webs are favorite subjects for me. I’m also wanting a tighter crop and/or a larger DOF. A bonus benefit of more DOF besides getting more drops in focus is that some of the refractions in the drops would be more discernible. Here’s a quick and dirty crop suggestion.

On another unrelated point, when you post we recommend that you resize your images to about 1500-2000 pixels on the longest side. Here’s a link to the full Posting Guidelines. Posting full size full resolution files takes up a lot of space on the servers and also makes your images easier to pirate. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more.>=))>