Wet spider web

Here are two views of the same spider web after a gentle overnight rain last August. I’m having a hard time picking which one I like best. The first view shows of the draping shape well, while the second view shows off the drops well along with hints of the draping shape.

7D2, 180mm macro L, 1/160s, f/5.6, iso 800, tripod

7D2, 180mm macro L, 1/50s, f/10, iso 800 tripod

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Mark, I can see why you are having a problem deciding which you like the best. I do like the drops where you can see them best, but it is nice to see more of the web. I think seeing the drops best weighs out for me to be the best but they are both very good shots.

Both beautiful, but I think the second picture (the one closer-up) works better for me. The details of the drops are beautiful.

The first one, I think, lacks a focus. The web by itself isn’t quite enough to make the photo work, but would be great if you could find some other elements in the photo that could play off each other.

As Shirley mentioned, they’re both very good shots!

both are very well done. I like the second one because the drops are larger and look sharp. I also like the completely out of focus background in the second.

Mark: The tighter shot for me for sure. I like seeing the refractions in the drops and their greater prominence in the image. A great find superbly captured in both. >=))>