The Rock Shop

This was a sunrise scene from the Marble Rock formation in JTNP. In the past I’ve usually shot this location at sunset or late afternoon. This was my first attempt at a sunrise take and MF instead of LF gear. Not sure this totally fits the theme idea, but maybe the many lines of the rock triangles and such work here…:thinking:

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 65mm lens - 2 stop soft grad - Velvia 50

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This is excellent, Paul!! I love the patterns created by the rocks and the “suspended” rock fore and aft. No suggestions here.

Paul, speaking as someone who regularly stretches the boundaries, I think all of the leading lines here look great. They create a fine sense of pointing into the sky that the two round boulders break up very nicely. The juxtaposition of sharp and round, as well as the foreground against the background view make this a pleasure to view. I’m always fascinated when geological processes create long straight line cracks, like the ones shown here.

Excellent forms, colors, and textures! Regardless of the critieria for the Weekly Challenge, this is a marvelous image. I especially like how the foreground shapes are echoed in the background.


Totally agree with Kathy. You seem to always come away with beauties from JT. Certainly lots of “lines” and I too love the rounded boulders. How they got where they are boggles the mind…


Finding this is one thing, composing this is something else,
A lot to look at in a small scene… That very top round boulder that looks ready to drop would
worry me…

Superb color here Paul. I like the color and form contrast between the reddish rocks in the background and the tan rocks in the foreground. Real nice use of diagonals and leading lines.