Morning Desert Light

An isolated rock formation during sunrise at Joshua Tree NP.

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Is this a composite: No
Wista DXIII - 4x5 - Schneider APO 210mm - Velvia 50


Beautiful colors surrounding this beautifully lit rock formation. I like how you’ve got the rocks prominently featured. They’re the stars, with nice stage lighting! (I love Joshua Tree)

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Beautiful view of the rock formations at J-Tree. Love the light and color and excellent job on the comp. You might be able to get away with adding a bit more glow to the grasses? Excellent one, Paul.

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@Paul_Breitkreuz, you are truly the master of Joshua Tree NP. Very very beautiful.

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Paul, this is a beauty. The soft light on that massive “pile of rocks”, the hints of pink in the sky and enough foreground to show what the area offers. The way the rock formation dwarfs the J-trees shows how massive it is.

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Excellent visual of JTNP. Beautiful rock formation with Dr. Seuss like Joshua tree characters in the foreground. What a soft blue/pink sky. This is one that you look at and ask, “how did all those boulders get piled on top of each other?” Gorgeous light Paul. I do not have a JT image this good but it’s not for lack of trying. :slight_smile:

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I totally agree, David. I’ve come across many formations totally isolated that are piles of not just granite but solid hard rock. Someone most have know us photogs would be roaming around one day taking it all in… :clown_face: