The Royal Stag

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R 5; 500 mm; 1.4 X; ISO 1250; 1/800 sec. at f 5.6

Another wonderful image here, J…Along with the subject of the stag is of course the overall arid region environmental glow that is highlighting the scene… :sunglasses:

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Gorgeous, as always!! Fantastic light and the dust adds a wonderful sense of motion. I love the very plain setting, where the stag stands alone as almost an apparition!


Definitely we are not amused! A superb shot, with a wonderful overall tonal glow.

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Jagdeep, the glow, the pose and the dust make a great photo! I especially like the burst of dust from the left rear hoof. I assume that the pose has meaning, which would be nice to hear about.

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Thank you friends !
@Mark_Seaver the pose is to intimidate female so that she agrees to mate.

I do love the colors and light in this series. I think with the subject placement, either left or right in the frame would have worked just fine, but I like your choice going centered, since it’s a nice shape to really zoom the viewer’s focus into the middle.

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