(W-repost) Spotted Deer Stag

This Stag was coming uphill, very cautiously.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R 5; 500 mm; ISO 250; 1/640 at f 4.5


J…I really like this peering over the hill view of this deer. The soft DOF in the FG & BG around the head and rack sticking up works well too… :+1:
Only thought for change might be to slightly tone down the highlighted rock by the deer’s head… :thinking:

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I like this a lot, Jagdeep. It tells a good story. I do agree with Paul about toning down that rock by it’s head. Being so close, it pulls my eye pretty strongly.

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I happened to tone down the rock, but it didn’t seem to be enough. So here’s the repost :


I think that’s enough, Jagdeep. Nice work.

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I really like this unique capture, Jagdeep! The sharp focus on the deer’s head and everything else blurred makes it clearly about the deer. The second version with extra darkening of that rock face puts even more focus on the deer and improves the image.

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Hi J Rajput
The dear really looks like it not sure this is a good place to explore. The framing is helped out by the soft green background and the rocks the frame the stags head. Nice work.

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