"The Scream"

This image goes back to when I first started taking photography a bit more seriously. After many years, this image still makes me smile every time I see it. It always reminds me of the painting by the same name (Edvard Munch).
This photo was taken on Lake Powell; it is part of the patterns created by the wake of the boat, the reflections the sky and the canyon walls.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Posting this more for fun, but all feedback welcomed.

Technical Details

1/350 sec, f/5.6, ISO 140, 122mm

@J_Fritz_Rumpf I am really appreciating brown tones this year, nad I really like those and of course the effect that it has from being a reflection. I think I see a few different faces in it, actually. Very intriguing.

Definitely a fun photo, Fritz. There is so much to see, I can see why it would make you smile, me too! Just curious . . . if it were mine category, it looks like to me there is a bit of blue in the ULC? Did you play with trying to pull that blue out a bit more? Could be a nice compliment to the browns/oranges in the patterns. Very nicely seen and captured.

It’s an excellent pattern Fritz with tons of detail in the browns. I too would like to see a bit more in the upper left.

Cool looking image, Fritz. I can see why this makes you smile as I too see the face. Great eye to spot this reflection.

I totally see “the scream” I love it!

Awesome! I love this image, so much fun! Did you see this before you took the photo or did it just emerge after viewing it? Whichever, very nice catch.

Thank you Karla Gerst, Linda Mellor, Mark Seaver, Ed Lowe, Martha Montiel, Chris Baird for your kind comments and great feedback. Goes to show you there is something to learn in every photo; truly appreciate it! As mentioned, this is an older photo, and I should really start from scratch, but here is a quick adjustments version. The water reflections on Lake Powell are indeed amazing; well, as long as there actually IS some water :slight_smile: Again, thank you!