The Soul Man

This is a close up of part of the huge Soul Nebula in Cassiopeia.
The Soul man is in the upper left.
It shows up in every 1000 sec. frame I took.

Specific Feedback Requested

Do you see the Soul man?

Technical Details

5 hours over the last 2 nights in my backyard, Portland Oregon
asi533 camera, Askar 600mm scope.

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I think I see a silhouette of a man running along the top of the cloud. Is that it?
Stunning colors and composition, Dan!

I see the Soul Man – as opposed to the Running Man, which I’m sure you must have presented. (Or if not, soon will.) Very nice composition. I’m wondering about the green stars, though. That’s not a color we see astro images. Maybe you’re using one of the false color palettes, though.

I see the very dark, almost black silhouette in a blue globe (I think this is the same one that @Mark_Muller sees) but I also see a more ghostly figure in the very ULC. Not sure if wither are the soul man. I really like the hard edged cloud/gas formations in this image. The composition is terrific although I think I’d clone out the small gas formation creeping into the scene at the very bottom edge of the frame about 1/5 of the way in from the right. I might also burn that very bright cluster just a smidgen. I love the blues and the orange/pinks that dominate. Beautiful image, Dan.

I see the soul man! so cool and love all the energy around the shapes and colors. Nice shot.