The Tadpoles

IC 410 (The Tadpoles), a Deep space star forming nebula.
The tadpoles themselves are 10 light years long (26 trillion miles), and are caused by immense solar wind.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any appreciated.

Technical Details

7 hours of imaging the past week in my backyard.
asi533 camera with askar 600mm scope (1600mm effective focal length)
Processed in Pixinsight with the new Blur x terminator software from RC Astro.
It is Game changing software, AI based.


Stunning, both as an image and for what it IS! Ten light years is a mind-boggling thing – thinking about it as the distance light would travel in 10 years (at 186,000 miles a SECOND!) somehow makes me visualize it more vividly than a number of so-many trillion. And to image something this small at that magnification from a light-polluted environment is amazing in itself!

Nice detail, Dan. Excellent processing.