The Thinker

If you’re a wildlife photographer, probably more than 50% of your photos fit this theme. The question is where to start!

This is one of my favorite Steller Sea Lion photos. It reminds me of the famous statue “The Thinker”.

Sony a6300, SE1670Z @ 70 mm, ISO-400, f/8.0, 1/400, hand held.

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Agreed Gary…wonderful candid take here… :sunglasses::+1:

Really good portrait and great and appropriate title.

Gary: The Thinker indeed! Wonderful pose and a fine capture. >=))>

Gary, I love the position you captured this Sea Lion in, and the title is appropriate. Great shot.

I love the “Thinker” pose you caught here, Gary. Superb detail throughout the image, and given the pose, I think the position on the frame is perfect.

A great capture Gary of an unusual pose, as they’re mostly just laying about. Fine detail in his whiskers and fur and I like the grain in the rock. The closed eyes really add to the photo. Rodin would be pleased with the comparison, I think :wink:.

Looks great, Gary. The pose really makes the shot. Easy to see why this is a favorite.