The Watcher

I like both images and think they both make compelling compositions. I think there is room for both in your portfolio and can’t think of anything that I would change about either. The mood, composition and light are all beautiful in both images. Ok, maybe one minor nit - the butte on the right hand side of the image in the horizontal image pulls my eye a bit. I would recommend brightening the butte a bit. Otherwise, both images are outstanding!

@J_Fritz_Rumpf, @Cody_Schultz, @Brian_Schrayer
Thanks very much for stopping by for a look.
Cody…I know the area well and so I knew where I wanted to go to compose a quick shot. For sure, this could not have been done with this set up with a large format film camera. And for sure, I just love that desert bush and everything that it conveys. Your split toning ideas make perfect sense. Thanks for sharing that.
J Fritze…I’m glad that you like both.
Brian…I agree with you about the butte on the right hand side needing a little bit of dodging. Thanks for pointing that out.