The watchers

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A portion of a rock face on the way to White Pass, Washington.

Specific Feedback

Nothing in particular. Anything at all.

Technical Details

7DMKII;100/400 at 176 (264); ISO: 1600; 8.0; daylight.

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Lot of interesting structure and texture in there, but given the light is quite flat I’d consider B&W conversion, I am thinking that could work very well here to make most of the structures.

Hah. This reminds me of those Easter Island statues. Except they’re cuddling. I like the tonal variation and the subtle colors. I suppose you could crop this somewhat to emphasize the faces but it’s pretty clear to me.

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@Tomas_Frydrych Thanks. I’ll give B/W a go. @Igor_Doncov Thanks. “Cuddling Easter Island statues” I like that. Crop: I considered it, but also think the faces are fairly clear.

Jim I would not cut anything because under the faces one can see the whole bodies, may be leaning against a rock wall or a copple of trunks. An image that makes fly the imagination.

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@Giuseppe_Guadagno Thanks you. After experimenting, I prefer the no crop version.

An editors-pick. I wasn’t expecting that. A very nice surprise. Thank you; thank you.

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Congrats on the pick Jim!

I didn’t see the faces initially, but then you can’t unsee them. :grinning:

John, Thank you.

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Jim, the faces show well, once you put some time into viewing. Very well seen… and very good fun!

@Mark_Seaver Thank you.