Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I’m always fascinated by the exposed rocks I see along Maine’s rugged coastline, with their varied hues and patterns. This image is just one example from the Marshall Point Lighthouse area. I tried a B&W version but missed the browns.

Specific Feedback

All comments and suggestions are welcome and thanks for viewing.

Technical Details

Canon EOS R-50, RF-S18-45mm @ 18mm, ISO 125, f/14, 1/100 HH. Post processing included adjustments to shadows, midtones, highlights, and contrast a little. No cropping, just filled the frame with the most interesting parts and tried to hold camera parallel to the face.

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Jim, What a super job of seeing you have done to make this excellent abstract. The swirly pattern in the rocks is most appealing, and I like the color image as it is. Wonderful.

Wow Jim. I love the intricate designs on this rock face. It makes you wonder “How the heck did that get that way?”

I was really drawn to all the twisting lines and found myself lost in the different paths it took me inside the picture. I can understand the temptation to change to blank and white but I saw in my own work that sometimes you realize there is significant color only when you try to convert the image. Really nice.

@Ed_Williams, @tamar-aharony, and @Larry_Greenbaum, thank you very much for your positive feedback.

Wonderful image, Jim! It reminded me a bit of the grain and patterns you might find on weathered wood. Great job spotting this!

This is enthralling, Jim. Your placement of the frame gives the composition wonderful balance and flow. My eye can’t get enough of following the lines around. I see the B&W temptation, but it seems to me the browns are essential to the flow.

@Mary_Brisson and @John_Kilgour thanks so much for your encouraging words.

Jim, this looks great. The sweeps and swirls keep my eyes wandering and gets me thinking about the geological forces that create such twisted rock. I agree that leaving the color in adds a lot.

Thank you @Mark_Seaver for your encouraging words.