The whole tree

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Hi Danny,

What a fantastic tree. Plenty of character and I like the vibrant greens.

Another option to consider is to desaturate the reds a bit which makes the greens appear stronger. It’s definitely a taste thing but for me this image is about the shape of the tree and the green moss. Toning down the reds seems to simplify the image slightly.

Below is a very fast edit to show the example.

I like the subtle changes Nathan has made.

Danny, kudos for finding a great tree that does have a lot character. I also like your composition with the radiating tree limbs at the top. The placement of where those limbs exit the frame looks pretty thought out on your part. I also like the repetition of having other tree in the background to the right.

@Nathan_Klein is having a good day suggesting local tweaks of saturation to create more contrast and saturation (see the recent Acadia Milky Way post). I like what Nathan has done in his rework, and i agree with him that emphasizing the greens creates more visual impact.

But overall this is a great character study of this tree, very nicely done.

Hey Danny!

I love the way that our moss and Licorice Fern add beauty to these old trees around here. (I that a Big Leaf Maple??)

I suppose that dropping the reds does emphasize the green, but I prefer your original; knowing well what the color is like around here this time of year I find it to be more realistic.