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Ben, this is nice. It has a warm, peaceful feeling to it. I like how the grasses seem to provide a protective embrace of the tree. Well seen.

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This is a really pleasing composition. On my end it feels like it might have a slight greenish color cast which I often have problems with in my own tree images too. Might be worth trying to eliminate some of that green cast, at least in the tree trunk.

I love the vitality of this image. It’s due to all those sharply defined small leaves with the dark branches weaving through them. The image conveys the feelings of spring and even early summer. I also like the centeredness of the tree due to the large arc of grasses that sweeps from frame to frame and whose apex is right in the center. Nicely done, Ben.

This is wonderful Ben - if not totally delightful!

Igor mentions, but I particularly like the arch of lighter vegegation; arching over the darker greens at the bottom and really just providing a solid base for the tree. I like the centered comp as well.

Now I don’t have the reference of what the colors were actually so I could be off. But I almost would like to see the trunk, especially the upper half, a little less yellow/green and more towards white. I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but has a similar trunk to birch or aspen - and I know these trees can take on many different hues and tones, so this could very well be just how it is.

There’s a lot of space up top with just a mass of leaves a bit of some branch structure. And even with all that, I can’t think of anything that could improve this.


I agree that the yellow streaks on the trunk of the birch tree look like a processing issue.

@Matt_Payne , @Igor_Doncov, @David_Bostock , @Lon_Overacker Thank you all for analyzing my image. The green cast in the tree was indeed a processing issue. Now I did try to solve it with some color balance only for the tree trunk . I think it is better now although in the original the bit of green/yellow was also good to me. As always the beauty of photography, all the possibilities . Thank’s again !

My rework

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Right, this is where luminosity masks can work really well because you can target just a certain shade of color and tweak that, and only that. =) Looks better!