The Wizard brings in the New Year!

Taken mostly last summer, this about 10 hours of imaging.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any appreciated.

Technical Details

This is a reprocess of information I took last summer with the new Blur X terminator software from RC Astro used in Pixinsight. This guy Russell Corman is doing amazing work using AI in processing software plug ins for Pixinsight.
asi533 astro camera, Williams z81 scope. 1100mm effective focal length.
Asiair computer controlled.
Radian quad Filter.


Dan, I continue to be inspired and awed by your astrophotography. Wow.

Incredible astro image Dan. The subject matter and technical aspects of astrophotography are beyond my comprehension, but I can certainly appreciate the work and outstanding results you continue to share with us!

Not sure if this is worthy of mention given my lack of knowledge and experience with these images, but I’m wondering if the deep, dark space should be a bit darker? Maybe not.


Awesome detail, with nice star color!