Three Trees

This is another spot in my local area that I visit consistently. I still have not photographed it to my liking, however, I thought this was at least a compelling version.

Specific Feedback Requested

I kept the fence and post in because I think it adds to the composition. Do you agree?

Technical Details

Leica M10M. f/2.8, 1/4000, ISO 160. Leica Elmarit 28mm.

I really like this scene, David! The b&w makes it look even more like night time. The fence is very distracting for me so I would suggest cropping this into a panorama to eliminate it. That would also work great with the long shape of the hill.

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David, I like the moonlit silhouettes, the clouds and the ground. The crepuscular rays from the moon are a fine addition. I see including the fence or not as being “what is the story that your want this image to tell?” This view makes it clear that you’re looking across a pasture where one without the fence would be more “purely nature”. I do think that both edges are a bit too dark.

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Thanks, @Gary_Minish . I do have a pano of these trees, although it is from a different day and conditions.

Thanks, Mark. That’s actually the Sun. I took this at about 4ish in the afternoon. I probably like the fence because all the other shots I have of this scene are the “nature” ones and I wanted something different. Thanks for the feedback!

Very interesting – I thought it was moonlight, too. I think you’ve done an amazing job to give it the dramatic look you did. But I’d also vote for a pano without the fence. I like the framing of the second shot, but I’d prefer the more abstract purity of cropping off the trees on the left, as the three trees and the way they interact are so interesting.

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@Gary_Minish @Diane_Miller I have gone back and done a full re-edit with the intent on making a pano image. Here’s what I came up with:

I think this last version is simply gorgeous! Two things I would do if it was mine (and I wish it was!) is to burn the triangular zone 2-3 area on the left so it loses its separation from the dark hill, and do a gradient burn from the bottom so the right 2/3 more nearly matches the left 1/3. Another thing I’d try is a crop from the right enough to remove the distant trees there – not that I find them objectionable but the clouds there are a little less dynamic and it would center the sun, which somehow feels right, and leaves the rightmost tree balancing the distant hint of trees on the horizon.

I htink this is a very strong image with several good possibilities.

@Diane_Miller Here’s what I came up with based on your feedback:

I really like this version – but that’s, of course, just my taste. Yours is what counts!