Tiger Lily

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Lilium lancifolium or the tiger lily is often seen in Korea growing wild, like this one. A little friend insisted on posing for me on it (safely returned to his mates). Luckily there was no wind today!

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Technical Details

D7100 + 105mm

1: 1/4000 f5 ISO 800 2: 1/250 f16 ISO2200 + flash
3: 1/200 f13 ISO 2000 4: 1/200 f18 ISO 800


Wonderful!! It took me a minute to find the Ladybug on the second and fourth ones! Nice camouflage!

Oh no fair, you got a model, too!

One of the best things about a photo community like NPN is to see species variation and similarity across the globe. Some lily families evolve and adapt in nearly identical ways and I have to assume there is a common ancestor somewhere close to all of them. Tall stems, curved back petals, color, spots and blossom orientation - so similar as to be nearly identical. Quite amazing and so specialized for where they are and what they have to contend with. I love it and thanks for showing this one.

The light in the first is really special as is the pose of your guest. The second and third have a more pronounced cool cast and aren’t as appealing to me although the detail is pretty excellent. The little protruding bits on the flower petals are so interesting - I assume they have something to do with pollination. No doubt that’s what our friend is hunting for - pollinators. What a terrific position it took for #3. #4 shows the petals curved so much more than in the species we have here. Great variation in your chosen shots. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve tried to grow Tiger Lilies a couple of times, without success. This is a great set of views, Mike. I especially like #3 showing the whole flower, some of the stem and the matching bug. The blueish tones in the background add a cool feeling. The yellow/green background in #1 makes for a fine summer day feeling.

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Great series of this Tiger Lily and the matching model, Mike! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re not asking for us to pick a favorite because I may have difficulty doing that. :slight_smile:

I really like how hearty the filaments and anthers look, and the curls in the petals are very appealing, it’s quite a specimen.
I don’t recall seeing any around here with those nodules coming out of the petals, maybe I just wasn’t being very observant. :thinking:

I really like this series!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mark_Seaver.I have a couple growing in separate confined sections of a pot - they seem to like very hot summer conditions, but overwinter without difficulty.(Of course they’re native to this part of the world which is maybe more important).

Thanks @Merv - butterflies feed from these nodules; maybe I’ll catch one doing so!

Hi Mike, I love the little ladybug! Its polka dots almost match the fourth flower’s. Cute! You handled the DOF well. I wish that Flower #2 had the pistles (or whatever they’re called — I never remember!) in their entirety in view, but I know how hard it can be to capture any creature when it’s moving. Nice job!

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Absolutely amazing Mike!
Beautiful colors, clarity , comppositions and that lady bug is the icing !!

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