Time to leave

This Hooded Merganser was hanging out with the very cold GBH I posted on Feb. 14. The Hooded Merganser and another Red-brested Merganser were not vary cooperating when it can to getting their photographs being taken. Both bolted right after the first few frames. I will post the Red-brested later.
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Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7Dll, Sigma 150-600mm, 600mm, F8, 1/1000, -.3EV, ISO 800. The shot is hand-held and croped by 45% in DxO PhotoLab4. I also used the color contrast control in the Nik Collection to bring out more detail.

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Hi Peter, I like the detail and color in the duck. Great colors too. I also like how you handled the reflective water and did not let it overpower the duck. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Peter,

Nice capture although I wish that you were able to get a more lateral view. They usually get out of Dodge pretty quick once they figure out they are being watched. I think that your crop shows that the duck is moving away from you. Well done…Jim

I suppose in sideways glance. Good job on the color. Despite the harsh lighting on the water, the duck stands out well.

Nice job getting the look back pose. They are such wary birds.

Typical Hooded Merganser, Peter. I don’t think I have a single image of these that isn’t a least partially pointed away. Excellent detail and good exposure.

Nice image with the HM looking back at you - most of these ducks are pretty alert indeed. Cheers, Hans