Titans' Kiss

When I came across this coastal rock face it just seemed to me to be an image of two rocky titans kissing. Their ‘lips’ match perfectly and the eyes, while of different colours, also seemed to be facing one another. Just a bit of fantasy I guess.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment always welcome.

Technical Details

1/400s, f5.6, ISO 250
m4/3 25 mm (12-35mm f2.8)
LR, PS, for cropping and increasing saturation of the oxidised rock surfaces.


Very cool image. Phil. It does indeed look like they’re kissing. Well seen.

A fun thing to see in a bunch of 'ole rocks! Well composed to bring the faces out.

Thanks @David_Bostock and @brenda_tharp. Just a bit of fun really.

BUT…“bunch of 'ole rocks”…what a thing to say about the building blocks of life :wink:.
Just kidding…, my passions, along with photography and numerous time wasting activities (don’t include photography), include geology and geomorphology (am a soil physicist in my real life), thus rocks to me are like the air I breath. Cheers.

In addition to the kiss, I really like the colors and patterns of the rocks. Very well seen and captured.

Fun shot Phil. Great eye, and great storytelling.

Hey Phil! I really like how you constructed the composition. It’s pretty obvious why this caught your eye! You clearly know what to look for when it comes to abstract, photos and highlights and shadows paired together. What I love most about this photo is that you have an X shape prominently featured in the image. You also have a triangle that’s very dark on the bottom mirrored by a triangle that’s very dark on the top, which adds to the interest of this photo and brings more attention to the rocks touching which was your main idea of the photo in the first place. Great work and great photo!

Totally cool! Well seen and presented!

Thankyou for your kind and encouraging comments @Ola_Jovall, @AndreDonawa, @David_Bostock, and @Diane_Miller. Cheers.