Today, winter is over

The first flight of Geese returned to the Quackgors, a nature reserve behind my house. In summer, there are tens of thousands, in winter they all move south

Leica CL, Vario-Elmar 55-135.

Very nice shot. I love the composition, simple clean and effective. Thanks for sharing.

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I think this works well. I like all the layering, and the row of trees on the far shore make a subtle, interesting pattern. The pano format was a good choice.

It looks like it was a hazy day, but I could see trying to add just a bit of blue and darkening the sky just a bit. Also, I would clone out the geese that are cut off on both edges.

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The cleanup is a good idea, thanks. I’ll leave tha sky for now, I think.

Very well done. I like the flow of the photo, left to right with both the geese and the wind blown grass going that direction. All the horizontal lines work really well with the pano crop. I also like the bit of detail in the sky to top it off.
Nice to see a “natural” image taken in a built up area. And a good idea removing the cut off geese.

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