What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

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I thought I’d post and ask for critiquing on Turkeys since, well, you know what day it is. The appeal to me with this shot are all of the iridescent feather colors they can show. D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, 1.4 TC, hand held, 1/640th, f 8.0, 320mm, ISO2200, AI Clear, cropped to 5568 x 3712.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Dave. Great look at these guys strutting their stuff.

Dave: Beautiful birds superbly captured. A slightly looser crop would suit me a bit better but the subjects are wonderful. >=))>

Great job on the subjects, Dave. I love the breast on the left bird. I agree with bill that a looser crop would be more pleasing-they’re pretty crowded in there.

A perfect photo for an avian Thanksgiving and an excellent capture of these striking Turkeys! Great detail and color but I agree with others that it’s a bit tight in the frame.

Agreed on the comments about tight cropping that I can’t fix now. I wanted to give it more room but can’t now. I was attracted to the poses, and detail of the birds and decided it was worth keeping anyway. Glad folks like the birds even though they could use some wiggle room. As I recall, I actually had too much lens for the close proximity of these guys and was lucky even get all of them in the shot. I USUALLY have the opposite problem and have subjects too far away!