Toms Cruise

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I’m starting to see turkeys in our backyard again, and here a couple of toms that recently wandered thru. I thought about cloning out the snack in that LH one’s mouth then decided it told a bit of a story so I left it. Yeah? No? I also considered cloning out the tree trunks framing them on both sides but leaned toward leaving them alone. Yeah? No? D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, Nikon 1.4 TC, monopod/gimbal head, 1/500th, f 8.0, 370mm, ISO 500, AI Clear

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Nice color and detail in the turkeys. I’d be inclined to clone out the tree on the left as well as the one in the left background.

An interesting image, Dave. I definitely like the idea of keeping the grass in the beak-it does add a story to the image. That beautiful multi-trunked tree in the background id a bit of a distraction. Detail in both birds is excellent. Your technique and images are very good, Dave, and I’d love to see your input on other’s images.