Topic excerpts in galleries/critique?

Hey all, I’m looking for some feedback on what you would rather see in these forums.

Option A
This is what we have been using thus far, you see an excerpt of the text of the post alongside the image.

Option B
Excerpt is turned off so it is just the image preview, title, and tags

I know everyone wants to see the post author be more prominent and I will be working on that, this is purely about the excerpt. Thanks!

  • Option A (excerpts)
  • Option B (no excerpts)

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One vote for Option A

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Option B with author and created date in place of excerpts

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Another vote for option A. I personally like being able to see the narrative excerpt with the thumbnail.

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Excerpts. Not interested in seeing the tags, which is what we get with no excerpts.

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I like the excerpts. My only niggle is that the font color is a tad too dark on the dark background making the text a little hard to read (old eyes, ya know). I can live with it if, though.

David, I really appreciate your efforts to tweak our new NPN so that works a champ!


David, I’ll cast another vote for Option A. The excerpts give context and don’t take up that much space, so it’s easy enough to scroll down on the page. As to having the author included, I tend to prefer leaving it out, as after all it will be in the individual post. Seems to me that the thumbnail and excerpt only makes for a more diplomatic approach, and it encourages more responses from members to view and respond in a more objective manner to all images, rather than those with whom they are familiar. Just my 2 cents.


That’s an interesting view I hadn’t considered Bill! I kind of like that…

Bill said it well, option A for me.

A as well. @David_Kingham this is unrelated to your question but I see it’s possible to sort the order by ‘activity’ but when you navigate off the page and then back you have to re-sort. Is making the order in which they’re displayed to remain as a preference possible?

Hey TJ, this goes back to this discussion where we decided to change the default sorting to the most recent post rather than the most recent reply. This way really popular posts (like yours :wink: ) don’t dominate the top of the list in critiques or galleries. We don’t want this to be like other sites where popularity is the name of the game (not implying you’re trying to do this in any way), we want everyone to have a fair shot.

If you’re trying to keep up with the latest posts and replies you need to check out the Latest/Unread/New buttons, they are incredibly useful.
If you don’t use these because you don’t want to see all categories, then I would recommend setting up the forums the way you want by unfollowing certain categories that you’re not interested in, I have a post about how to do that here

Option A.

Option A for me David.

Understandable! It’s just how I’ve been trained by many internet forums where the latest activity is listed as most recent. I def agree and will get used to it.

Speaking of topic excepts… is it possible to get the excerpts in the ‘Latest’ feed of the main page? Even at least a thumbnail for image posts I think would be more inviting to click and see posts in galleries and discussions we don’t frequent.

I hope to get this implemented someday, but it will take some custom programming which could be costly. It’s on the roadmap though! I would recommend going to the ‘Latest’ view on the top, this is the same thing but will show you the image previews/excerpts

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That’s great to know and works for me!

Amazing how many of my questions and comments are solved if I just poke around more. haha

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