Tragopan V Plus Photo Blind Review

I purchased the V Plus blind a few weeks ago and had my first chance to use it in the field last week. Unlike most blinds we’ve been forced to deal with as photographers, this company makes photography blinds, not hunting blinds. As such it comes with a variety of photography oriented features.

The main shooting port is designed for two different interchangeable lens sleeves, one solid camo with a viewing port and the other, all mesh. They can be adjusted up and down about six inches in the main post and there are patches of material to put above or below to finish covering the area. They all attach with hook and loop fasteners. There are also a couple of zippered flaps that can be used to cover the main port. Under the main port is a pair of flaps joined by a zipper with four pulls, so you can use it to extend a tripod leg outside the blind and/or to get a low level shooting port (though there’s no way provided to use one of the lens sleeves low down. The addition of some extra Velcro® strips may solve that problem.

You can also shoot out the other three sides of the blind through mesh slots that are normally covered. One of the features I found very nice is the peepholes. These are covered with two flaps that insert through a belt of material below the peephole to keep them in place. There’s a matching belt above the hole that they can be inserted through to hold either the solid piece or both the solid and mesh piece up out of the way without creating any significant noise.

Unlike their other blinds, the V Plus does not have a floor, but I don’t consider that a problem.

Build quality seems very good.

The one fault I have with this company is the lack of documentation and communication. Literally the only instructions accompanying the blind are how to fold it back up (it uses hoops in the sides that have to be folded over themselves). The kit comes with a number of pieces with no explanation of how you’re supposed to use them. This includes two flexible poles that I finally figured out were supposed to go into some pockets on the corners of the blind to act as roof arches. They have added a video on the features of this blind to their website and it shows the two roof rods in place at one point, but doesn’t have any other mention of them.

Additionally, I’ve sent them two emails on an unrelated issue without receiving any response. Like many modern companies they do not provide a phone number on their website. This is a minor issue for me. Hopefully they respond more quickly to problems than to minor requests for information.

On balance, I think this is an excellent blind and quite a good value.

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