Transient Light

Tom Na Gruigaich, Scotland

This is a re-scan of a favourite of mine. Originally (this is 12 years old) it was scanned on an Epson flatbed with a somewhat limited dynamic range on tap. Now it has the benefit of my Nikon 9000ED scanner and the improvement at least to me is tangible.

Just occasionally spending 4 hours climbing to the summit of a Scottish mountain in weather that is decidedly marginal pays off. It isn’t until one is a few steps from the summit that the full awesome splendour and reward for that achievement becomes apparent. It is in my opinion an unsurpassed scenic view and I have climbed it on four occasions. Only once have I seen light like this break through dense clouds and paint the summits with such fabulous light. It remains one of my very finest images and sums up the type of light I treasure most. Hope you enjoy it.

Pentax 67II, 55-100 zoom, 0.45ND Soft Grad, f/27 at 1/2 Second, Fuji Velvia 50.


Good Lord, this is beautiful. I love the light, I love the cloud, I love the mountain. I don’t think there is any way to improve this. Thanks for sharing this, Ian. I enjoy this very very much.

Fantastic light!

I’d add a vignette so that the light stands out further. That’s definitely a personal preference. It’s great as is

Adhika said it all---- almost----add: I love the loch!

Excellent work, Ian. Such beautiful light.


Your efforts and persistence have been hugely rewarded! I can just imagine the exhilaration you must have experience during this moment in time. Lugging that 6x7 up the mountain was a huge feat! :wink:

No nits or suggestions. Congrats.


A beautiful scene, Ian, but the lighting in this image puts it over the top, in my opinion. It would have been a pretty seen with those clouds and all, but that sun peaking through at just the right time and place is definitely the icing on the cake.

Equisite! Well done. Perfect as is.

WOW!! This has to be one of my favourite images I have seen in the critique forum. Light is well balanced. Composition is spot on. Snow in the cracks creates nice foreground interest. Crop suits it too. No further comments