Blood Light Diabaig

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Diabaig, Torridon, Scotland

This is a shot I had been waiting to get for the best part of two years. I had been thwarted both by a lack of snow and by far too much of the white stuff. A blood red sun set through a thin band of cloud on the skyline whilst the cool blues of reflected clear sky filled the shadows providing very strongly opposing hues of burnt amber where the sun kissed the highest points for the briefest of moments before falling into blue shadow. It was quite simply one of the most stunning Scottish scenes I have ever witnessed in transient winter light.

Pentax 67II, 55-100 zoom, 0.45ND Medium Grad, f/22 at 2 Seconds, Fuji Velvia 50.

Technical Details

Taken about two years ago on my wonderful old Pentax 67II on Fuji Velvia 50.

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Hi Ian, what an incredible scene! Your image is stunning as you describe, and I admire your patience. The red light that extends through the foreground to dapple the numerous peaks in the distance is mesmerizing and provides a great sense of depth. I think your composition works well at balancing all of the elements in the scene and from a viewers perspective, I feel like you have certainly done justice to the landscape. The only thing I would suggest is perhaps cropping some of the sky and a small sliver of the right hand side of the frame out, as I found the small clouds at the top of the frame can be distracting. I also tend to spend most of my time looking towards the left of the frame, not the right.

Holy cow, this is stunning! Your patience and persistence paid off. The only comment I have (beyond Wow) is to maybe dial back the saturation on that rock near the LLC. Just a bit though.

Well worth the wait! And well handled - I almost thought that the red was done a bit more but after reading your story, seems really good


Gorgeous! If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed the John Muir Wilderness and the “Range of Light…” Scotland? Really? Wow, this is a spectacluar landscape!

Great depth here as I especially like that the small, foreground rock has the same “last light” as the mountain range in the distance - this works beautifully tying the entire landscape together.

I searching for suggestions… all I can come up with would be to clone or otherwise attend to the sun-lit vegetation in the exact LRC. Pretty picky, but a brighter area in the corner draws the eye a tad bit. No biggie, but a consideration if printing.

Just beautiful.


Spectacular image, Ian. Digging back through my memory, I think a remember you from years back with, true? You really nailed this one. The light and shades of red, pink, and orange paint an amazing picture. The frozen water that’s tying to thaw through also adds in that nice oxbow. Does the image need a tad more sharpening in the fore and mid ground ? Wonderful!

Tis true Larry that was quite a while ago.