Sunset Squall Diabaig

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Diabaig, Torridon, Scotland

I thought you might appreciate this more autumnal version shot a mere three days before the winter one uploaded some two weeks ago. This is a recently discovered location that I have frequently headed for at or just before sunset. It offers a wild and apparently lofty view toward the Torridon peaks yet is accessible within 10 minutes walk rather than the usual three hour lofty clamber that is so often associated with a view of this type. On this occasion I was fortunate sunset and a winter squall combined to give an astonishing quality to the light with real tangible ephemeral mood. It might be a while before I improve upon the light I witnessed on this occasion but doubtless I will try.

Technical Details

Pentax 67II, 55- 100 zoom, 0.6ND hard Grad, polariser, to help balance lighting on sheet ice, f/22 at 1 second, Fuji Velvia 50.


What an amazing place, and only a 10 minute walk! You really did capture some amazing light and atmosphere here. I don’t have a ton of suggestions. My only recommendation would be to either try to pull back some of the highlights on the foreground rock, or shoot it at a time when the light isn’t hitting the foreground but has reached the background. I’ve never been here so I don’t even know if that is possible though. What a beautiful spot, thank you for sharing!

Yeah, this spot it quite a find! With it so convenient, I’d want to try it as an astrophotography location. Or maybe a project tracking changes through the seasons?

What a spectacular location! The light is gorgeous here, Ian. There’s a nice warm/cool contrast between the sunlit grasses and the blue-ish rock. Plenty of interest here to keep me busy for a while. Love it!

A compelling image Ian, and as you say the winter squall and the sunset really add to the overall composition. Your technical abilities shine through too, as velvia 50 not an easy film to handle in such conditions. What a beautiful location to work in too, I would love to visit Scotland one day and this technically and aesthetically well executed image draws me nearer…

Ian, I love the photo as it is and I am not able to suggest anything. May be a tiny bit of saturation and sharpening but probably it is me. I love the location as all of Scotland. I would like to be there.

Wow nice find here!

I am going to assume some of the banding we see here is from the lower resolution version and not from some artifacts from editing! A few tweaks I’d try out -

  1. The layering here is very nice, but the brightest right bottom corner pulls my eye off the frame, perhaps try burning that section a bit.

  2. Same but for the upper right! =)

That’s all I got… great shot!

Outstanding image, Ian! I agree with @Matt_Payne about the bright areas in URC and LRC, but I love the quality of the light and the way it caresses over the landscape so nicely. remember the eye goes to the brightest part of the frame in all cases, so you want to ask yourself whether you can manage to control that in the field by composition, or later by toning down those areas that are too bright so that you keep the viewer’s eye where you want it. Nicely done!