Sgorr Tuath Snowstorm

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This was the reward to an arduous hike up Sgorr Tuath in the Scottish Highlands. Squalls of snow showers passed through constantly as the sun dipped lower. An amazing scene finally revealed itself with these epic clouds. I had an amazing time here!

Specific Feedback

Mainly after feedback about the colour balance. I do wish the screen left had some more interesting rock formations!

Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 14-35@14mm f/11

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Awesome first post Adrian. Nice work getting where you needed to be when you needed to be there. Love the drama, the top down view, the wonderful sunset colors, and the rainbow out the top is icing on the cake. I think I would be tempted to shift my view just a few degrees to the right to move the distant peak off center just a bit, and capture more of the great rock spires on the lower right.

Thanks Ed, good point! I think I may have another composition like that, will keep that in mind for when I next visit.

I’m a complete sucker for “Grandscapes” Adrian, so this image really caught my eye. What a wonderful first post. The dramatic rocks in the foreground with the touches of snow combined with the butte and dramatic lighting in the distance would be enough for me, but that rainbow is some really thick icing on the cake. It’s amazing how it ends in that “pot of gold” in the clouds.

I agree with @Ed_Williams about the slight shift, but it’s a nit. That would be great to play with if you return, as you note; if only rainbows were more common!

As to color balance, the warm light in the sky with cooler colors in the foreground seems a bit incongruous to my eye, and I’d be tempted to warm the foreground just a bit.

Thanks John. I appreciate you taking a look at the colour balance here. It’s funny, I was trying to push cooler colours in there but may have overdone it so thank you for rebalancing my eye!

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Welcome to NPN Adrian,

Wonderful first post. The composition is quite captivating from the unique rock formations to the erupting cloud and rainbow, it just holds one’s attention. While I can see the reasoning behind the shift to the right as @Ed_Williams suggested, I think the central composition you have works wonderfully. The “V” in the foreground rocks counters the center peak and then is mimicked by the could above the peak. I think the composition is well-balanced as is. I also vote for a warmer color balance though in the foreground. Great work Adraian, and looking forward to more from you.

Welcome to NPN Adrian! A grand first post!

Epic light and conditions framed wonderfully by both the drama in the sky and the fascinating foreground formations.

The color balance in genera looks great - although it’s always tricky to judge for those that weren’t standing right there. But I would agree just from an aesthetics point of view, the warmer balance seems to work well!

Thanks for posting and we look forward to your images and participation at NPN!


What an epic entrance! Amazing all the things nature can do. Thank you for sharing this one with us!

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Cheers David, glad you enjoyed! I hope I can keep up that epic-ness for the next one!

Dramatic and bold, this is an immediately engaging image… Nice forms, subject and overall composition. How fortuitous that the rainbow appeared as it did, really fantastic! I can’t really offer anything real in terms of improvement, perhaps a slightly cooler overall colour balance would be worth exploring, or a slightly tighter crop/focal length? Maybe just print it big and put it in a nice frame!

Wow, so much drama and the light is simply incredible! I like your composition and how the mountain and rainbow are so nicely framed by the rock in the foreground. For me the image is a tad too warm and I would experiment with cooling it down a bit in hopes of creating a bit of separation of the colours.

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Great composition with the BG peak framed by the V shaped FG. Nice dramatic sky with the rainbow seeming to emanate from the clouds above the peak.
I think it’s a little too warm but that’s just my personal preference.

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Fantastic image, Adrian. It must have been quite the sight, as well as rewarding moment after such a hike.

To my eyes, the spire on the left was distracting my eye just a bit, and, again, just to my eye, brightening that stunning mountain and surrounding clouds/storm made them pop up just a little more. Absolutely stunning moment, beautifully captured!

Thank you Fritz for taking the time to edit, this is much appreciated!

Stunning image Adrian I am very impressed. It is not an easy hike up there but you are right it can certainly be worth the effort. Stac Pollaidh is beautifully centred beneath the drama above and those rock structures are dotted about on a number of peaks up ther including Stac Pollaidh. Alas I am a little less mobile these days due to a very bad Achilles tear. I actually really like the hints of blue in the scene from your original post as it balances the light present. Maybe just a liitle close to burn out of those bright clouds but definitely acceptable. Hope to see a lot more from you.

Thanks so much, Ian, that means a lot from you, I really appreciate the feedback. I’m really sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you’re on the road to repair and will see you out sometime soon!