Turkey Pecker

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I was watching TV when I heard a ruckus outside and when I looked it was 8 Turkey hens clucking, and pecking on their reflections in my chrome pickup bumpers. I grabbed some shots of them. I had plenty of time as it turned out. They did it for 10 minutes. One of them even peeked around behind the bumper trying to solve the mystery. I am posting it as more of a comic relief shot, not calendar stuff. Taken with my D500, Nikon 2-500mm lens, 1.4 TC, hand held, 1/1000th, f 8.0, 550mm, ISO 4000, AI Clear, cropped to 5568 x 3712.

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Oops. I see that I posted a too small image. This one is what I should have posted.

Cute. I like the reflected expression-looks puzzled.

Too funny, Dave. Thanks for sharing.

Really funny Dave! There is a Towhee that does this every spring on my car mirror.

Just as a followup to this silliness I thought I’d share this shot of her looking behind my truck bumper. Ha!

This is great comic relief, Dave. I really like the head angle and reflection you captured in this one.