I’m still going through my fall color images from Zion and southern Utah from last year. I recently came across this one and the twisted chaos grabbed my attention. For me, the interesting part of this image is of course the main branch with no leaves intricately weaving it’s way through a riot of fall color. I also loved the orange/reds and the yellows spread evenly through the scene.


Specific Feedback Requested

I’m just curious if you find this image too busy and chaotic or if this is more composed, controlled chaos. I composed this to have the gnarly branch run from the center and out to the ULC and the LRC. Does it work? Do your eyes run out of the frame? I feel like there’s more to be had from this shot but I’m stuck.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Z7ii, 24-70mm lens @ 44mm, ISO 160, f/13 @ 1/8 second
Very lightly processed without adding much contrast in LR only and framed in PS.

It works for me, beautifully! The center branch is so dynamic, and the yellow branches circle around it on 3 sides to keep my eyes in the frame.

I might wonder about a slight darker vignette, but I don’t think it’s needed – it’s just that I never know when to quit…

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This is framed quite nicely, David. I like the way you’ve positioned the main branches. I agree with @Diane_Miller on the vignette idea.

Well done.

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Hm…I wonder how this would look as a 4:5 crop, losing the LRC and tightening up the horizontal branch.

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David love this one. My eye initially goes to the RLC but then back up to explore the color palatte, not out of the frame.

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Oh, I love this one as well. Definitely not chaotic. In fact I’m surprised anyone would find it so. It’s actually a layered composition with 3 distinct diagonal layers, each with a different color. And you have the branch in between. This would have been good without the branch but it is so much better with it. This is very good and sophisticated composition in my opinion.

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This has a rare combination of being immediately eye-catching with the colors and the dark branch, and endlessly eye-travelling. I can wander around in this scene for a long time. Terrific art.

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Many thanks for your comments everyone. @Diane_Miller, @David_Bostock, @Kris_Smith, @Mario_Cornacchione, @Igor_Doncov, @Dick_Knudson. I tried the 4x5 crop and it just doesn’t work for me. Good thought on getting rid of that LRC issue though. I did add a slight vignette which I had not added previously. I’ve posted a rework. I also made the frame white instead of off white.