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A gorgeous bolete sits in a spotlight of sun trailside. This was on another part of the Ice Age Trail - the Underdown segment. I should have gone earlier in the season since it is mushroom central at the end of August, but I forgot and got there late. There wasn’t much color in the scene, so I decided to to a monochrome conversion.

Specific Feedback Requested

I left the bg really dark for dramatic purposes. Too much?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Processed in Lr for a little bit of a crop and a whole lot of tonalities management. Texture & clarity added and the usual sharpening & nr. Ps to remove some distractions.

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Dramatic lighing! The BG isn’t too dark for me. There is a bit of subtle detail in it and it sets off the perfectly-exposed highlight on the bolete. The detail on it carries over the the shaded side very well.

Is it an edulis? It looks puffy.

I’m not sure what species it is, @Diane_Miller - I didn’t even try to ID it, but I suppose I can give it a go. Glad the lighting works for you. I did a lot of massaging if you know what I mean. The basic contrast was there, but needed finesse.

The dark background is perfect in my view, Kris. It really makes the shroom stand out. And B&W is terrific.

Thanks @David_Bostock - I think it came out pretty well.

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