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Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Not the best stack ever, but I like the bokeh ball because I put it there deliberately and picked the right aperture to create it. Plus the moss and the hemlock needles are cool. This little shroom (no idea what it is, LBM will have to do) is about 1 1/2 inches high. It was basically on its own because of the lack of rain, but after some over the coming weeks, we had more.

Specific Feedback

Stacking gaffes too much?

Technical Details

Lazy manual focus point selection and so thus the issue. Probably a half dozen shots used, I can’t remember. Did some gardening though to remove stuff that didn’t work.


Lr for the rest of the processing - basically to improve contrast and sharpness. The usual thing. Zerene for the stack and it’s a retouched DMap with PMax details added.

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This is very cool, Kris. I love the funky look of the mushroom and the moss and needles look great as supporting characters. The bokeh ball behind the head of the mushroom is very special. It makes this look like it ought to be a poster for a movie or the cover of a book about the mushroom that saved the world. The extra light on top of the cap helps create that feel as well. Excellent work.

Very nice. It somehow projects a monolithic sense.

Very nice! The bokeh ball is perfect. The focus looks fine to me.

Kris, this is really a neat shot. I love the bokeh ball around the top of the mushroom. It all looks good to me. Having not got into stacking I guess I am not seeing the issues that you see. Nicely done.

Hi Kris! This is a beauty! I don’t see the focus issue you mention. To me it shows very good detail. I really like your low point of view and the bokeh ball. And the moss and the hemlock needles look great.

I think this quote from Dennis is very appropriate. This mushroom has power!

Thanks @Dennis_Plank, @Ronald_Murphy, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Shirley_Freeman & @Steve_Kennedy - I guess I’m just being too picky and that it’s more than just one thing that makes a photo work.

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Kris: My first immediate impression of the bokeh ball was “halo” so I guess this is a holy mushroom. A nice find and a finely crafted image. >=))>

Thanks @Bill_Fach - glad you like my little “holy” shroom. It was a nice find considering I didn’t know we’d get rain.

How did I miss this one? The EP is so well deserved. It is a beauty and I need only echo all the comments above. I don’t see any flaws but I’m on my iPad (and in the middle of happy hour). If there are any they completely insignificant compared to the whole image. Well done,

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Happy hour is the best! @Diane_Miller - it was a bit of luck finding this mushroom and especially since it was on the edge of a stump and in a great position to get the tripod below it.

Beautifully-crafted - agree with all the positives above!

Thanks @Mike_Friel - sometimes things come together pretty well.

Very cool, I love the ‘halo’ around the mushroom head and congrats on the Editor’s Pick!

Hey thanks @Tom_Nevesely - glad you like the bokeh ball - I don’t often place them so precisely. It makes this one a bit special of all my mushroom photos.

Well done with this one, Kris. I love the ground angle which makes the main subject stand out. The bokeh was well done, and I like the texture of the green below. This is a good one for the frame.

Thanks @Dean_Salman - I love when I can get below mushrooms which is what I managed here because it was up on a stump. Sometimes little hollow spots in the ground work well, too.

Congratulations on the EP Kris! What a magical tiny world you captured.

Thanks @John_Williams - it was a great find and I’m glad it turned out as well as it did.

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