Unintentional motion blur

I was trying for perched poses in low light and didn’t have the SS or fast AF response activated to get a takeoff. I didn’t get my finger off the shutter button in time when this female Bullock’s Oriole took off and almost deleted this one on the first review pass, but something about it was appealing enough to keep it. Out of 4-5 frames at 20 fps, this was the only one worth a second look.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100-500 + 1.4X at 480mm, 1/500 sec, f/11, ISO 12,800. Very minor tonal tweaks in LR; into PS for Topaz Denoise. Surprisingly, the Severe Noise algorithm gave an uneven result, with noticeable noise left in the shadow on her upper back, but Low Light gave a good result. Cropped from the right and top to 60% of the original frame. Some BG smoothing in the UL.


That’s a phenomenon I’m very familiar with in our relatively low light regime. However, I rarely get such pleasing results. I like this a lot.

Great action shot, Diane. There is lots of motion, but still enough clarity to understand what is going on. Nicely done.

Great catch and action shot, Diane. I think this one works nicely. The blur of the head shows the action to come. Well done.

Nice motion captured here. It shows off the wings and tail feathers very well. Nice image.

This works well. Enjoyable wing position and diagonals. I like the color.

Hi Diane
The Oriole does have a appeal to it and you are broadening my horizons. On my monitor the shot look clean.